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The Coffee Shop

Create your own coffee shop experience with warm and inviting scents.

Butterscotch Pudding - Swirls of golden butter, thick cream, and sweet sugar.  A classic treat.

Gingerbread - Fresh out of the oven!  Comforting aromas of cinnamon and ginger balanced with golden butter

French Vanilla - Sweet and sultry. a true vanilla scent.  BEST Seller!

Banana Bread - Warm and inviting ripened bananas with a hint of sweet butter and a nutty finish.

Cinnamon Buns - A warm and sweet  combination of cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla. Good enough to eat - but please don't.

House Blend - Creamy coffee with warm milk, cinnamon sticks and a touch of vanilla. 

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The Natural Choice


Lemongrass Sage - A wonderful blend of garden herbs, citrus notes and earthy sage.

Sage and Citrus - Spa inspired citrus and herbs for and uplifting scent experience. 

Ylang and Amber -  Alluring and exotic floral combined with an amber and woodsy base.

Sweet Sandalwood - Sensual and warm sandalwood with a touch of creamy vanilla.

Patchouli - Frankincense, patchouli and amber balanced with bergamot flower and lemon. 

Eucalyptus - Stimulating eucalyptus with a hint of lime. 

Kawartha Pine - Fresh pine needles, a hint of floral and sandalwood notes create a classic walk in woods experience. 

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Scentsational Spring


Country Clothesline - right off the line! Fresh, green and soapy our Country Clothesline will take remind you warm sunny days are on their way. 

Sweet Pea -  Candle Farmer fav! Enchanting blend of pear, water lily and sweet pea.  This elegant floral is this candle makers go to scent. 

Maple Butter - #1 Best Seller! Drops of Kawartha maple and sweet honey swirled with buttery vanilla.  

Bamboo - Refresh yourself with the clean, crisp scent of leaves after a spring rain.

Kawartha Wildflower - a warm floral bouquet of Rose, Jasmine, Gardenia with a soft hint of Plumeria.

Sweet Sandalwood - Sensual, warm and exotic. This earthy scent is next level with a hint of vanilla.

Apple Blossom -  Bright floral and fresh sweet apples.  A lighter scent for our fall and winter apple lovers! 

Berry Stroopwafel - New and drool worthy!  Vanilla, cinnamon waffle, roasted sugar and wild raspberry.  New to our candle line but soon to be a best seller!

Pink Sugar - Complex combination of florals, citrus, sweet berry, candy, vanilla and a touch of smoke.  This Best Seller is a scent that keeps you guessing. scented candles handmade candles retail Kawartha Lakes Peterborough

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